Child malnutrition and Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is undermining nutrition across the world, particularly in low-income areas.

In the midst of an already difficult situation in Venezuela, the Covid19 pandemic has brought even more hunger and malnutrition. Children and the elderly of the poorest areas are the most affected. We are seeing increasing number of malnutrition cases, with increasing severity.

Good nutrition is always important, but it is essential in times of Covid. Our programes have been affected by scarcity, the regulations around movement and the protocols needed. With more obstacles, we have had to change the way we provide support in order to avoid infection. We have not stopped, however, and our teams continue to work every day to provide food and nutritional protection to those most vulnerable, with dedication and sensibility. In an attempt to answer the need, we have opened 5 new centres in remote areas of the country, and with partner organisations, we support 3 more.

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