donate, campaign, spread the word, volunteer, organise a fundraising event ... you can get involved in different ways.
Together we can make a difference!

By making a donation to Meals4Hope you will be making a difference to the lives of children in need and their families. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.
You can make a single – one off gift or subscribe to a monthly donation.

You can also donate by making a bank transfer:
Bank: Sabadell
Beneficiary (name): Meals4hope-Alimentando Esperanza
Bank account: ES16 0081 0065 1300 0197 0109
BIC/Swift code details: BSABESBBXXX

Or make your donation via
our Facebook page: @meals4hope

For in-kind (food, medicines, other) donations or for contributions in Venezuela please e-mail us at

Do your own thing!

You can make a huge difference by fundraising to support our projects.
Each day we are helping more children to overcome hunger and have a better life. This could not happen without fundraising support organised by sensitive and creative people.
Astolfo ran a marathon; Liz organised a bake sale with some colleagues at her office; Vania and her family did a successful summer sale, raising funds for our children; asking for donations instead of gifts is a beautiful and meaningful way to mark your special occasion: for her birthday, Yoma asked her ‘Facebook friends’ to donate to Meals4hope on a fundraiser she started; Sofia chose to help children in Venezuela for her Bar Mitzvah’s project …
There are many things that can be done. Choose something that suits you, and think about your networks, friends, colleagues and family … and see how they can support you.
Whatever your idea is, we can help you with info packs and materials to do it. Just email us at and we will support your fundraiser.

Find ideas and advice for fundraising activities by downloading this helpful pdf

Different events are organised to raise funds for us…. either by us and our volunteers, or by many others who support us. Attending these events is a wonderful way to help us, whilst also enjoying great food, concerts, movies, theatre…
We also have stands in large events organised by other groups or organisations. Make sure you stop by and support us – we always advertise these on our social media accounts.

Businesses and entrepreneurs can have significant impact on creating a better world for our children, allowing them to fulfil their potential and live with dignity, health and happiness. If you would like to involve your company in our projects, contact us to see the many ways in which we can make this happen together.


There are no words to describe and be grateful for the dedicated work, done with love, by volunteers all over the world that make our work possible. Our volunteers are people of generous and sensitive hearts, that look for no reward, other than helping those most vulnerable.

Meals4hope springs from volunteering work… volunteers provide skills and experience, and most of all their valuable time and passion, making our projects run, raising funds, sending supplies, spreading the word, feeding children, providing hope and smiles to our communities.

If you want to volunteer by sharing your time and skills, knowledge or talent – contact us at


help us make sure that the suffering of hungry children in Venezuela doesn’t go unheard. Help make others aware of the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis. Forward articles and information to friends about what is happening. Join our campaigns and add your voice to make a change, so no child goes to bed hungry, so no child dies from preventable and treatable malnutrition. Campaign for change!

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